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UFO Sightings Keep Rolling In From Ontario Canada

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 237917
United Kingdom
05/17/2007 07:27 AM
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UFO Sightings Keep Rolling In From Ontario Canada
Reports from Canada are coming in as usual, but in one province UFO sightings are way up for this time of the year. A massive 73 reported written sightings and a number of telephone interviews places the total for Ontario to a whopping 81 cases as of May 15, 2007 to come into HBCC UFO Research which is located in Houston, British Columbia and UFOINFO located in the United Kingdom.

A number of UFO reports came in during the months of January and February, but it was in March when a flurry of fireball sightings were reported, then an unexpected huge number of cases were received directly after the fireball/meteor event. Witnesses are still writing up, and sending in some amazing cases, such as the recent triangular UFO sighting which just took place in Oshawa, Ontario where multi colored lights were moving around it in all directions and if that wasn't enough of an amazing event, in flew a "massive" triangular craft witnessed by three people who drew up an excellent diagram

Other UFO reports rolled in from Burlington, Toronto, Brockville, Whitby, St. Catharines, Brampton, Ottawa, Uxbridge, Bowmanville, Enterprise, Flesherton, Forest, Mississauga, Sarnia, Hamilton, Thornton, Wellesley, Ancaster, Jordon, Sudbury, Ajax, Bonfield, Newmarket, Grimsby, North Bay, London, Rice Lake, Kitchener, Orangeville, Belleville and Port Colborne and there are other areas as well.

Also many other UFO groups have received sighting reports out of Ontario as well. If one was to add all these into what HBCC UFO Research and UFOINFO has received so far, the total would be much greater. We are only in the middle of May and most UFO sightings are reported in the warmer months. There may be a record number coming out of the province before this year ends. We shall see.

Some of the objects that have been reported are lights, but lights doing some unusual maneuvers. Many triangle sightings, disk shaped craft along with silver round objects staying stationary and then shooting off at an incredible rate of speed. The list goes on!

As for the other provinces here in Canada, from what HBCC UFO Research and UFOINFO have received, it appears one heck of a lot slower than what is taking place in Ontario.

British Columbia sightings number 18, Nova Scotia - 2, Saskatchewan - 1, Quebec - 1, New Brunswick - 1, Alberta - 12, Manitoba 5 and New Foundland - 1.

The question I'm asking myself is why the large numbers of sightings in Ontario? Why has the Ontario media completely ignored what is happening in their own province? There seems to be more questions than answers as to what is happening in the skies over Ontario.

Something I have been so impressed with, and very grateful to many of these witnesses, is that they are willing to take the time with me on the telephone to either gather more details on the UFO experience, or are willing to speak openly with me for the radio show I host on UFOs.

What we would like to request is, if anyone in the province of Ontario has witnessed a UFO event, would you either contact me here at HBCC UFO Research or contact UFOINFO with a detailed report on what was seen.

The same goes for any other province here in Canada, please file your sighting reports. Also if you have experienced a sighting that goes back many years, these sighting reports are just as valuable to us, so please do get them in.
[link to www.americanchronicle.com]