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Message Subject The reason why 11 is the Illuminati´s favorite number
Poster Handle BLACK
Post Content
there are records (and more than the bible´s fleeting mention of it) of a tower of babel (which in fact was just a large ´ziggurat´) which was the common building style then, built on Babylonian Plain of Shinar.. it felt into ruins eons ago..

Nebuchadnezzar tried a mimic of it in in about 500-600B.C.

but it wasn´t this giant tower reaching to heaven.

it was a ziggurat...

they have found 4th millenium BC ziggurats around the city of Ur,..

(while by biblical timelines this puts "ADAM" you know the first man, at 3700BC....lol

and plus the biblical Genesis timelines are way off base. they put things some things way too forward where they shouldn´t be. and other things way too back where they shouldn´t be.

history is a mess. and most of the old testament was first compiled between the 6th and 2nd centuries BC...and is more of a rehashing of older history.

one must really do some serious research to get
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