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Message Subject The reason why 11 is the Illuminati´s favorite number
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
side note: do you think Adam was related to Adam weishaupt.

and do you think Eve was related to Christmas Eve.?

I stated this years before, a few decades before I realized one day what 9 11 meant? Now you may disbelieve, but it started when I took scriptures seriously and traced the word Amen. Biblical archaeologists found that early christian tombs had engraved Amen side by side with 99, delving deeper I found this 99 to be the equation 10+1*10-1, so this meant Amen as an absolute value to some.Taking the year 2000 AC to be year 6000 or coming of 666 Amen would be for the Illuminati a symbol of the end, whereas its really a symbol of the beginning.
Look at the Bali bombing, it was I think on 10/12 2002, twice the value 22 which means a circle like 10.

Adam and Adam weishaupt not the same race though, one is caucasian the other mongolian

Eve and Xmas Eve ?- indeed Eve or her avatar was there at Xmas Evecheers
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