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Message Subject The reason why 11 is the Illuminatiīs favorite number
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes.. itīs ribs, head bones and vert.. also looks like a DOORway.. And in nature you see eleven quite a bit.. Isnīt there a relationship between tree of life and 11?

Two towers look like 11.
K=11 KKK =33
33 is an 8 too, if you mirror a three
Kennedy killed on 11/22
Arafat died on 11/11
Armistice Day was 11/11 and meant to be a moment of silence and truce
Now itīs Vets day instead
And forever the day Arafat "died" too
Timing is everything
Location. Location.

Mirrors. Duality. Doors.

Numbers add up to nothing. Thatīs a fact. And the reverse is also true.

11 is also a two. 2nd is first?
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