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Message Subject The reason why 11 is the Illuminati´s favorite number
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes.. it´s ribs, head bones and vert.. also looks like a DOORway.. And in nature you see eleven quite a bit.. Isn´t there a relationship between tree of life and 11?

Two towers look like 11.
K=11 KKK =33
33 is an 8 too, if you mirror a three
Kennedy killed on 11/22
Arafat died on 11/11
Armistice Day was 11/11 and meant to be a moment of silence and truce
Now it´s Vets day instead
And forever the day Arafat "died" too
Timing is everything
Location. Location.

Mirrors. Duality. Doors.

Numbers add up to nothing. That´s a fact. And the reverse is also true.

11 is also a two. 2nd is first?
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