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Protect our Youth from Military Recruiters In HIgh School Halls ....OPT IN!!!

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05/26/2007 03:13 PM
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Protect our Youth from Military Recruiters In HIgh School Halls ....OPT IN!!!
Now that Bush has set the stage for WWIII the winds of war are sweeping across the nation. The Military will need to refill the slots left vacant by the ones sent to die.

Recruiters are becoming more aggressive. I am closely related to someone who was in a high risk pregnancy and hospitalized. A recruiter (pre)tested her high school age daughter and actually called her hospital room and tried to persuade her to sign papers if he brought them to allow her daughter to join.

You think they are safe? Do not forget about all the tables set up in the High school halls nows. These kids will be pressured by slick brochures and promises of a College grant that in reality many will not live long enough to make use of.

There is a way to stop this. You can "OPT IN" This was provisioned for in the "No Child Left Behind Act" signed By Bush himself back in 2001.


QUOTE: In 2001 George Bush signed the "No Child Left Behind Act" which contains an onerous extortion -- high schools must provide military recruiters with student contact information or lose federal funding. The Act also requires that schools obtain "prior written consent" from parents before releasing student contact information to recruiters.
This page provides the information needed by students, parents, school teachers & administrators to resist aggressive military recruiting practices and to protect family privacy. The page especially focuses on a unique "truth and privacy" response to the No Child act which was originally instituted by districts in Fairport, New York, San Francisco and Santa Cruz California. This is program is called Opt In.

Here is a very informative link called Resource Center for Non Violence:

[link to www.rcnv.org]

Scroll down for the various options. There are even sample letters that you may send. Even though this movement started in California The No Child Left Behind Act is for every state.

Do not let them pressure your child, do not your children die for a lie. Know your rights and use them before they are gone!
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