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Message Subject nazi ufos/south pole base
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
UFOs seen in the 1950s were way too sophisticated to be man-made. If Nazis had primitive saucers why didn't they abduct people like von Braun?

It's an interesting subject but there's not much evidence to support it, and besides, if Nazis had help from ETs the real story there still is about ETs.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 548848

why abduct von braun? they left him behind for the allies at the end of ww2..

its been said the cold war wasnt arms race between russia/america, but was both countries trying to counter the threat of these sophisticated crafts and the remnants which existed in antarctica

im sure if you read a little more into the subject, you might come back and post with a different point of view maybe?

im not saying all is 100% legit,if you read omega file for example,its a little 'out there'..

you have to read between the lines and pick through the shit, ya know?
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