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Message Subject nazi ufos/south pole base
Poster Handle Survivor X
Post Content
I don't want to destroy your conspiracy completely though so if you just change it from Nazis to Arayans, then you have something that dates back maybe 2 million years to when they mutinied, and took over the planet.

But to what degree they are in control and to what degree they are puppets, is unknown.

If you examine these two so called alien symbols...
[link to www.ufodigest.com]
Those look like swastikas there on space ships.

But that isn't writing. Thats just a way of saying there were two disk crashes.
One was 2 million years ago in Peru, and the second one was in Roswell New Mexico.

Here is the one in Peru when Luke's disk was brought down.
[link to www.flashearth.com]

Use Microsoft VE labels to see Luke's head there depicted where he crashed, and the line on the ground is affecting the satellite imagery because there is a crash locator there.
Zoom out to see the line.

So that is one crash. And the disk in that symbology is maybe not even a disk, but represents an eye. In certain terms, the eye symbolizes the individual, the spirit.

So this could be merely a time travel accident, and there was no disk. Thats entirely possible because the Arayans have time travel.

So the swastika there in those symbols drawn does not mean Nazi, it merely means Arayan.

So yes the Arayans could have a base in Antarctica there and you would never know.

And if you look at some of the pharaohs, they were not Egyptian they were white. Caucasian.

And supposedly, under the Sphinx, between the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx is an underground chamber, similar to a star gate or something where the people beam into that time.

There are drawings that leaked about that from the Rosicrucians. Who are implicated along with all that as are the masons and the Illuminati and the Shriners.

[link to www.towers-online.co.uk]

So I don't know if there is a base in South America, but the Arayans do have time travel but only up to 2012.
They cannot see past that.

There is nothing past that that they know.
That doesn't mean there is no anything past that, but their technology cannot see past that. There is a jog in the timeline to prevent everyone from arriving at one place at one time, to see or witness some major event in history.
So the timeline has jogs in it.

So they are captives in this time.
Beyond 2012 they get caught for the mutiny.
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