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Message Subject nazi ufos/south pole base
Poster Handle Survivor X
Post Content
Did you ever see the movie Westworld? With Yule Brenner?

In that movie there was a set and the people were robots.

People went there for holidays.

So if you look at this...
[link to www.ufodigest.com]

and see those two symbols again, that could merely be 'incoming game'.

You know, the matchmaking machine, has an incoming game. The last one was when Luke was there in Peru, and this one was when I was born in 1956, just after George Adamski announced, incoming game.

To us, my people, that is what that means. the Arayans run the match making machine.

I talk to them all the time.

But what it is to everyone else, well I don't know, but it all looks like earth just carrying on like normal.
With of course all sots of doom around every corner.

To me, and the people I am with, its a match making machine called Kismet.
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