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Message Subject American Treachery in the Attack on the USS Liberty Much Deeper Than Previously Thought
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Post the info on this site when it comes out.
My thinking: It's all theatrics Left-Right Paradigm.

Soviet V.S. (Israeli-Enforcer-Controllers) of U.S. with the Rothschild International Bankers pulling the strings. secrets

If only one side was controlled, (u.s.) then the other side would spill the beans, overturn the apple cart,
throw the truth out into the open for the world to see,
a hero nation, back up by facts, then engage it's deadly resources to the one and only cause.....macgun
after all, there is 250 years of documentation behind the
string pulling Rothschild Cabal. (not a secret any longer).

Indisputable facts on the The History of the House of Rothschilds' Rise to Power:

[link to iamthewitness.com]
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