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Taking out the Garbage

garbage man
User ID: 243965
United States
05/29/2007 06:23 PM
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Taking out the Garbage
White Trash!

Let's defie this white trash term that gets thrown around so often and is apparently changing meanings.

First, what WT does not mean, poor whites. Our politics have been targeting white America and western society in general, this is evident by the number of good paying government positions given to minorities and white women. There is also the political move of outsoarcing and open boarders, so, for these reasons a poor white person is not trash.

TRASH - refuse, of no use to.

White trash has historically meant those that have left the white society and culture, so, those that date others and marry them, ahve children. Especially women, because it is women that are able to say "NO" and often have a choice of men, meaning they chose to be with a non-white having some problem with their own people. They have a problem they are trash.

The children are just members of western society of today.

There was a movie on this week about WWII jungle fighting where all there was were asian women. That is completely different if there is no choice.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 161765
United States
05/29/2007 06:39 PM
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Re: Taking out the Garbage
Some have called me PWT...but i'm nothing of the sort...they have no clue of who I am and what I have accomplished, nor what I am still pursuing.

On the otherhand...I know of what I had considerd PWT...but yet they have better stuff than me and their trailer is so much cleaner...hmm.

So, what the hell is POOR WHITE TRASH?

The Jerry Springer rejects, like my neighbors?

Or some peeps just trying to survive on nothing and refusing food stamp crap and any welfare?