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VIDEO: The High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Alberto Gonzales

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United States
05/30/2007 06:07 PM
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VIDEO: The High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Alberto Gonzales
Here's two short videos of AG Alberto highlights

Part 1 (1:45) [link to www.youtube.com]

Part 2 (1:59) [link to www.youtube.com]

Petition to sign [link to impeachgonzales.org]

Over 60,000 people have called on Congress to impeach U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in just one week. Today, we can double our impact by working together to get the message out and Brave New Films has created a brand new video to help you do it.

Check out the new video now:
[link to impeachgonzales.org]

The first video hit #1 on YouTube with over 200,000 views. Brave New Films hits hard again with clips featuring Representatives Maxine Waters and Robert Wexler’s tough questioning of Gonzales. His responses are classic double speak, a stark contrast from the forth coming testimony of his top aide Monica Goodling last week.

Charles Chamberlain's diary :: ::
In Ms. Goodling’s testimony she admitted breaking the law by profiling potential new hires for partisan loyalty. She exposed that Gonzales had tried to manipulate her testimony. And she believes Karl Rove was intimately involved in developing the list of attorneys to fire. No confidence votes are a great start, but if the President won’t fire Gonzales, only impeachment can remove him from office and restore integrity to the Justice department. And today in a Kos Dairy, "clammyc" explains why a "no confidence" vote won't accomplish anything.

Watching the video is not enough to make change happen. Bush won’t fire Gonzales because he thinks we’ll give up. He is just waiting for you to buy the establishment line and move on.

President Bush has underestimated you.

Impeachment hearings are serious trouble for the entire Bush administration. Whistleblower protection for those who tell the truth. Subpoenas that even this Supreme Court will enforce. Karl Rove under oath. The first step is to impeach Gonzales.

Who ordered the U.S. Attorney firings? Who illegally deleted hundreds of government e-mails? Who told Gonzales to cover it up? And why didn’t anybody stop him? Impeachment will uncover the truth.

Send this link to your friends and ask others to take action today:
[link to impeachgonzales.org]

Everyone of us, if we stop to think for a minute, knows at least one more person who hasn’t signed yet. We all know someone who is ready to stop the Bush administration’s abuse of power. Is it your brother? Sister? A co-worker?

We need to get creative to keep the pressure on. Think out of the box: Call CNN and ask them to play the video and cover the story. Post a blog about this on a local or national website. Embed the video on your MySpace page. What else can you do to get the word out?

Which one of your friends watches Stephen Colbert or The Daily Show? Who listens to Keith Olbermann or Air America? We all know another person that hasn’t taken action yet.

Today is their day.

Thank you for making change happen!

Charles Chamberlain
Political Director
Democracy for America
Mr. Predictor
Mod Emeritus

User ID: 83143
United States
05/30/2007 06:08 PM

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Re: VIDEO: The High Crimes and Misdemeanors of Alberto Gonzales
don't hold you breath
Identity politics, which is now more or less synonymous with progressivism, has its soul and substance in resentment. It thrives on the arousal of resentment, on the instigation of perpetual outrage.