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Know your complete blood type - it can save your life.

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United States
06/07/2007 03:15 PM
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Know your complete blood type - it can save your life.
I do not care if you are not sick - its time to see a doctor - get a complete physical and blood work-up. Get a copy of the test results and hold on to it.

If you are sick and being treated for ANYTHING - still get a work up and a copy of your medical records to date.

Request with the CBC panel (Complete Blood Count) [link to www.healthline.com]
your blood type as accurate as possible.

Blood type is more than just the letters: A, B and O -/+ there are numbers attached to that - as a taste of what those letters are (there are more than those):

African American Blacks - U- and Duffy-
American Indians and Alaskan Native peoples - RzRz
Pacific Island peoples and Asians - Jk ( a- b- )
Hispanics - Di ( b- )
Russian Jews - Dr ( a- )
Whites - Kp ( b- ) and Vel

To give you an idea of what a "rare" blood type actually reads as:

O Rh negative: D- C-E-c+e+, M+S-, Le(a-), K-, Fy(a+b-), Jk(a+b-) CMV-

that complex formula, above, is an actual real life example of a rare blood type.

Everybody need to find out if they have a rare blood type now while they are healthy, while they are in good to decent health. BEFORE they get sick or old and need transfusion.

Blood type will also determine not only blood transfusion but bone marrow and transplants.

Although only 1 in 1000 have a rare blood type, most who find out they have a rare blood-type do so when they are in need of serious medical treatment.
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United States
06/09/2007 04:40 AM
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Re: Know your complete blood type - it can save your life.
Great find, and post. Thanks.
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