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Message Subject "The Biggest Parade On The Planet" - Brazil's Gay Pride Parade Draws Millions
Poster Handle anonanon
Post Content
And they get outraged at the idea that the rest of us wonder if any of them are even capable of living somewhat normal lives without parading in the streets in costumes and engaging in all sorts of mimicked perversions in public.

Aren't there enough gay clubs for them to do that behind closed doors?

Why do they have to parade in the streets with it?

I don't care that someone is gay or not, I just don't want to have to have their sexual behaviors and insanities thrown in my face - or anyone else's in public.

I know there are many gay people who live normal lives like everyone else and have stable relationships and don't prance around in ridiculous costumes, but these parades sure do bring out the worst of the gay people in the world.
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