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Message Subject "The Biggest Parade On The Planet" - Brazil's Gay Pride Parade Draws Millions
Poster Handle 89446
Post Content
I see the truth has made you uncomfortable too.

Being gay is not a bad thing.

Don't be so angry.

So what if you're not the "man" your father wanted you to be.

He was probably a homophobe too.

You folk have to learn to stop hating people.

Fear is your enemy. Fear breeds hatred. So stop being such a bunch of pussies! LOL!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 250718

LOL, nobody is scared by your shrink-wannabe act. Bob not liking something doesn't mean Bob is that thing. Go straighten up your logic pal. Oh, and saying something that upsets people doesn't mean it's the truth. For example if I say you're a moron and you're upset, it doesn't make my statement TRUTH. Go back to school.
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