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Employer = 'We the People' - Employee = G. W. Bush

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 246537
06/15/2007 04:48 AM
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Employer = 'We the People' - Employee = G. W. Bush
One day you decide to hire a 'handyman' and to this purpose you place an ad in the papers.
Next day three hopefuls show up at your house and you choose one of them.
After writing out a 'contract' of employment for a fixed period, he says he can start on the following Monday. You accept this and bid him 'good day'.

After he has been in your employ for some time, giving him some cash, you send him to a store asking him to purchase a particular object and to bring it back to you next day.
Morning arrives but he shows no signs of giving you the desired object or returning the money.
You call him to account over this but he just mumbles incoherently or ignores you.
You repeat your quest several times but to no avail!
What do you do?

If the sum in question were a large one I'd call the police but whether large or small I'd certainly terminate his employment.

Now think of it this way:
Employer = 'We the People' - Employee = G. W. Bush

I need help on this one (no joke).
I really can't understand how your wishes* only becomes effective again after a period of Four Years.
Does placing your vote, even if your candidates wins, equal a blank cheque?
Have free people no ultimate control over their own destiny for periods of 1461 days?
Yes I know there is a legal mechanism called impeachment but just what level of misconduct must be attained to be termed 'breach of contract'. (to say nothing of 'mis-use of power')

As they say you don't 'see' a beard actually growing but I wonder what an alien from another planet would say about 'free democratic countries' like the U.S.A. & G.B. (where basically only a few pre-selected candidates constitute a 'free' vote).
Someone here on ICH has suggested that all would-be candidates should have an equal monetary sum for electioneering purposes granted to them out of a central 'pot'. Another has proposed a system of (conduct) review every two years during a presidential tenure of office.
Fellow thinkers, your views?
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 224590
United States
06/15/2007 06:55 AM
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Re: Employer = 'We the People' - Employee = G. W. Bush
Totally True!