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United States
06/25/2007 12:25 AM
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Here is my take on the political spectrum. It has many levels.
A traditional non elite controlled conservative view calls for limited Gov't., balancing or reducing budgets, strong national defense, a strict interpretation of the constitution, serious protection of the bill of rights, and a Lasse Faire (sp?) or hands off approach to governing. A true conservative believes that YOU should be left alone unless you infringe on the rights of others. It's about personal responsibility and limited government involvement in your life.
A traditional liberal non elite controlled view believes that it is the responsibility of gov't to assist the citizens in their pursuit of happiness. They feel that only gov't has the power to impliment programs that benefit the masses. They trust gov't to be benificent. They prefer a loose interpretation of the constitution. ie Interpreting the "General Welfare" clause to mean helping the masses financially with gov't programs.
Both conservative and liberal philosophies have been co-opted by the elite class. They have twisted them to create bigger and bigger gov't. On the right they have created the Military Industrial Complex. And on the left they have created the Welfare State. The elite do this because both increase spending which increases the national debt. This causes the gov't to borrow more and more from the bankers, through the private federal reserve. Interest is added to all this debt and the "Banksters" laugh all the way to..... their banks.
Additionally, with this control the elite implement numerous other agendas. Endless defense spending and war from the so called conservative side. Endless social programs from the so called liberal side. The reality is that these so called conservatives and liberals are largely working for the elite agendas. While paying lip service to the more pure true con/lib philosophies.
Mix in with this the philosophy of "Populism" and "Libertarianism", and it gets even more confusing. Populists are mainly focused on weeding out the elite control in both philosophies and dispersing wealth, power and control. The Libertarians are more focused on very small non interventionist gov't and personal responsibility. To me they both seem to be a blend of the best of both conservative and liberal philosophies.
The traditional political spectrum has the Republicans, Conservatives and Fascists on the right side of a horizontal line. On the left is the Democrats, Liberals and Communists. The problem is that to the average Joe, he really can see no difference between Communism and Fascism. Hec one is National Socialism and the other is International Socialism. Duhh!
The average Joe is starting to feel the same way about the Republicans and the Democrats. Their seems to be no substantial difference any more. It's not you imagination. Most polititians are now really in the same party. The ELITE PARTY.
If you take that standard horizontal political spectrum and add a vertical axis it starts to make sense. Picture a cross with 4 equal quadrants. On the top place the word ELITE CONTROL. And on the bottom place the word POPULIST CONTROL. That is the real political spectrum. When placing your favorite polititian on this vertical axis ask yourself who he really works for. You? or the Elite? Now he may come in as either a liberal or a conservative but it is his attraction, or repulsion, to/from the elite agenda that really defines him politically.
Power concentrates toward the ELITE pole and disperses toward the POPULIST pole. And it is that way, no matter what the system of government is. Be it Theocracy, Democracy, Monarchy, Communism, Fascism, or Capitalism. ALL of these systems are concentrating power in the hands of the elite in our world today.
In this 2 axis political spectrum the NEO-CONS would be on the right horizontally but totally up the vertical axis in the ELITE camp. The true conservative would also be on the right, but deep into the POPULIST camp. NEO-CONS want power, wealth and control concentrated. So do the NEO-LIBS!!!!!
Now we can argue who is controlling the Neo-cons and the Neo-Libs. ie. The Vatican, The English Monarchy, the Zionists etc. All of these groups are outgrowths of a generally unified Elite agends.
Raye over at RMN suggests that there are two, maybe three, elite factions doing battle over our future world. Faction one being the New World Order bad guy crowd, and Faction two being what I call the Old World Order good guy crowd. Taking Elite factions into consideration obviously makes it harder to clarify which Elite are truly good guys trying to help us, and bad guys trying to enslave us. Unless of course the Faction 2 group is expediting the dispersion of wealth, power and control back to the masses. Then they would fit nicely into the POPULIST camp on this spectrum. If they are not, then we have a bi-furcated ELITE camp at the top. ........ It does get confusing.
So next time a neo-con tells you you are a liberal for opposing the war or supporting the constitution, ask him what his definition of conservative is. Ask him if increasing the size of gov't, the cost of gov't and trashing the constitution is conservative. They get toung tied when you do that. It works the same on the Neo-Libs. Ask Neo-libs how empire building with a large military machine helps the poor and unfortunate.
There is nothing more fun than blowing a neo-con/lib shepples mind with the truth. Then give them a copy of Freedom to Fascism to keep them in turmoil after they leave. :)

Your Thoughts, EX
Pit Viper

User ID: 219427
United States
06/25/2007 12:45 AM
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Very well said.
Scor~Pios -AKA- Pit Viper

'When the people fear their government, there is tyranny;
When the government fears the people, there is liberty.'
Thomas Jefferson

Never underestimate the stupidity of the American people.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." - Samuel Adams
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 248838
United States
06/25/2007 02:57 AM
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Bump for truth...
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 256858
06/25/2007 05:12 AM
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In Australia 30 years ago there was a large difference in the ideologies of the two main parties. These days the lines are so blurred they appear nearly one and the same.