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Ritual Murders on the Rise To Fullfill illuminati agenda, Chris Benoit Conspiracy and WWE MADNESS!

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06/26/2007 09:03 PM
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Ritual Murders on the Rise To Fullfill illuminati agenda, Chris Benoit Conspiracy and WWE MADNESS!
In the past week, there have been the ritualistic murders of women and children, by their own husbands or boyfriends. The most recent and famous case was Professional wrestling superstar Chris Benoit who was found dead along with his wife and 7-year-old son in what police believe was a murder-suicide.
Benoit and his wife and young son were discovered on Monday afternoon inside their home in Fayetteville, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb.

Also recently in Ohio a woman 9 months pregnant was murdered by her policeman boy friend.

[link to www.chron.com]

When a grouping of such murders occurs, there is usually the signs of an ELF transmission to trigger the ritualistic killing that involves young lives, in the case above, a near term fetus.

A week ago in illinois, a man killed his wife and 3 young children. When the illuminati demand the life forces of young ones, it is to energize a major event somewhere in the world, in this case, North America. There have been similar cases recently in Florida and California.

i was born/raised in calgary and ive been to the Hart Mansion a few times and was friends with a couple of the hart kids, on the conspiracy side of things, wwe is a nwo psyop, vince is a mason, and vince most likely sacrificed owen hart to luciferian astral demons because bret hart(owens bro) humiliated him on live tv(then knocked him out with a punch afterwards. benoit was trained by the hart family and was close friends, even taking part in a bret hart vs benoit tribute to owen hart match after owens death. this supposed murder suicide has all the ear markings of some type of mind control or illuminati ritual murder

ps i was the only one ever on the internet to propose owens death was a ritual murder on glp a few years ago, maybe someone will listen now, but i doubt it

kurt angle who left the WWE not long ago asked Chris Benoit to come with him

ps WWE is degrading, dehumanizing, graphic violence, a complete and total NWO tool to lower societies morals and enslave a population, this is textbook shit, i could write a book on how it's a psyop, the pro war 'marine' movie with john cena, the torture illuminati horror movie starring 'kane' just a small sampling

key words from below

'televised death'

'over the edge'

'fell 70 feet'

psycho illuminists would love nothing more then to have a ritual murder televised and have the hypnotized viewers completely oblivious to the actual cause/reason behind the death. the attacks on 911 are a perfect example of this. they 'get off' on this shit, they become euphoric and laugh their asses off while the deluded public buy whatever bullshit story is fed to them

"Owen Hart"

Owen HartAKA Owen James Hart

Born: 7-May-1965
Birthplace: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Died: 23-May-1999
Location of death: Kansas City, MO
Cause of death: Accident - Fall

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Wrestling

Nationality: Canada
Executive summary: Wrestler fell to his death

Wrestler who was fatally injured during the filming of Over the Edge, a WWF pay-per-view special being held at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, MO. A cable that was intended to lower him gracefully down to the ring failed to hold, and Hart fell 70 feet and hit his head on a turnbuckle. Eventually he died at the hospital.

Father: Stu Hart (wrestling promoter, 12 children)
Mother: Helen Smith
Brother: Bret Hart
Wife: Martha Hart (m. 1-Jul-1989 until his death)
Son: Oje
Daughter: Athena

Televised Death"

To the dumb dickhead that stated 'the hart vince feud was staged'

There was nothing staged about the McMahon-Hitman feud

[link to slam.canoe.ca]

Hard financial times for the WWF, coupled with an outrageous three-year offer from the rival World Championship Wrestling, forced Hart to move in ྜྷ. He had been involved in the WWF for 14 years -- most of them glorious and guided by the creative hand of McMahon -- and really didn't want to leave.

Hart, who had become the champion again, wanted to exit on his own terms -- and had creative control in his contract to demand that -- and discussed with McMahon various ways to "drop" the belt. They talked about handing it over the day after the Survivor Series pay-per-view event in November ྜྷ. Hart maintains to this day McMahon reneged on an agreement they had discussed in a closed-door agreement about how the Survivor match against Michaels would finish. Unbeknownst to McMahon, Hart had been equipped with a hidden mike as part of the production of a documentary, Wrestling with Shadows, that was being filmed about his life and famous ring family.

During the match, Michaels applied Hart's signature move, The Sharpshooter, on him and referee Earl Hebner ended the match. Hart had lost his belt and, in his opinion, his dignity. He believed McMahon, who had been positioned near ringside, had screwed him.

Hart demonstrated his disgust by spitting on McMahon and later punched him in a dressing-room confrontation, temporarily knocking out his boss and leaving him with a black eye.

Neither the spit nor the hit were phony.

Owen Hart - 33 years old when he died 33 being a illuminati ritual code number

Until the police complete their investigation and the whole story comes out everything right now is 100% speculation. How many times is an incident investigated as one thing, only to quickly turn into something else after the evidence starts to roll in?

Why would WWE.COM have in bold letters on their website "DOUBLE MURDER SUICIDE" 6 hours after it happened? WWE also played a 3 hour tribute to Benoit, knowing he was possibly involved in murder of a child and a woman?