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Message Subject I'm An Alien Psychic Freemason I Will Answer Any Question You Have
Poster Handle Alien Psychic Freemason
Post Content
Hello, there is no danger to the earth from humans, no matter what happens the earth will still be here for millions of more years, you might not be though. In order to improve your economic situation, what's that old saying they have back in quadrant 33? Get a job.

Do you care for us? You here to help? Is there inminent danger to planet earth, humans? From what? Who? what can we do to protect ourselves if it so? You are an alien ,from where? more beings like you? Other races? The majority of us want to heal the planet and living beings (medical advances),live in peace here and with beings of same peaceful nature,do we have space brothers that can be of help? How to contact them? Thank you for your offer to answer any question...hmm.I will like to have a cabin in the woods,(love nature) ,what can i do to improve my economic situation to do that and help around me? Thank you ,again.
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