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Message Subject I'm An Alien Psychic Freemason I Will Answer Any Question You Have
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I definately know this person saying all this is a fraud. There is in no way you know what is to come to this planet. Get up and do something with your life instead of posting nonsence like this. Every person posting that they are of this "other galaxy" or "other star system",well how to do you really know, what because you feel that you are from there? Until the time comes for something to really happen on the world stage and be shown to all of us in the world all the people coming on here saying that they are from here or here, or they know what is to come to planet earth, it is all speculation of possibilites. Nothing is the "absolute" until something happens on the world stage and it is shown to all of us. Until then people can come here online and say they know the "prophecy" for planet earth and all of us that live upon earth. Every now and then one or two of us may get an "insight" of something that is going to happen, it is ok to share of "what you think one of the possibilities" of what you think could happen, sometimes some of us are right on occassion, but most of the time I see that it did not manifest, or manifest as someone saw. Things most of the time don't manifest as someone "saw" , that it manifested in a completely different way, I am not saying that that never happends, occasionally it does, but most of the time it does not. Anyways I hope people on here don't take people like this to "heart" and take them seriously. I think there is "A LOT" of nonsence here on GLP.

Love and Light to all! :) :bsflag:
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