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Message Subject Angry Homosexual Mob Assaults Peaceful Christians at Chicago ‘Gay Pride’ Parade
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
And gays harp about intolerance.

Gay/straight there are actually no tolerant people at all.

Gays are just as intolerant as the people they bitch about being intolerant.

The thing about gays is they want so badly to be accepted.
They want everyone to accept the gay lifestyle as normal.

I will be tolerant about their lifestyle but they will have better luck pissing up a pole before I will accept it as normal.

Homosexuality will never be accepted. Laws may be passed that force people to tolerate it, but no amount of legislation will ever make people accept it.

The thing that homos need to understand is no matter how hard you try to make homosexuality appear to be normal, it isnt man that will be your final judge.

GOD will not care about the pro-gay legislation that you managed to get passed.

Now you may look at me and say 'damn, you are intolerant.'

Not so. Like I said I can tolerate it, but you will never get me to accept it no matter how hard you try.

Now I wont try and stop you from taking cock in your ass, nor will I try and stop you from sticking your cock in another mans ass.

Its your business. Please dont try and make it mine as well.

You can continue to sin if you want, I have my own soul to worry about.
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