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Message Subject Angry Homosexual Mob Assaults Peaceful Christians at Chicago ‘Gay Pride’ Parade
Poster Handle Campbell Randt
Post Content
what would you expect blacks to do if ignorant bible thumping christians showed up at a black pride parade professing that black skin was the mark of cain?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 252372

how come we never hear about ignorant bible thumping christians showing up at divorce court or showing up at weddings when straight people are getting remarried when their exspouse(s) are still alive?

why aren't they standing in front of the condom displays at the pharmacy? people using them to prevent pregnancies and "spilling the seed".

remove the boulder from your eye before trying to remove the speck of dust from another's.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 252372

This is hilarious, what did they expect? Handjobs probably..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 140450

So called Christians who turn up at such parades are only doing so as an act of violence against large groups of people, and their intent is to incite hatred and violence. This type of incitement has resulted in many many direct acts of violence against lots of totally innocent people, all of whom have families just like everybody else. On this occasion so called Christians turning up at a Gay Pride event unfortunately proved too much for some who responded with aggression, in the same vein as the KKK turning up at a civil rights march.

Also - the intent of the original article in this thread was obviously to further falsely demonise and incite hate against gay people, most of whom are totally peaceful people; this is an act of violence in itself. Pathological haters who use God to justify their violence against large groups of people are a slur on all the real Christians out there.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 259207


The links provided in the original post lead to something called “Americans for Truth about Homosexuality” (AFTAH). From that Homepage, it’s obvious that AFTAH -- headed by one Peter LaBarbera -- has an agenda of the Christian religionist kind.

Really tolerant individuals don’t attempt to throw a counter-demonstration / counter-picket at the site of a parade organized by those with whom they disagree.

Ultimately, the qualities which the Christian religionists lack most are respect for the individuals with whose beliefs the Christian religionists disagree.

By the way, whilst I’m completely straight, . . . I doubt very much if the Christian religionists would like me any better than they like those against whom they are picketing, as per the descriptions quoted by the OP in this thread.

Personally, NEITHER the Christian’s bible NOR their interpretations thereof are of the slightest relevance or interest to me.:X-No:

In their references to scriptures, they show us nothing more than the implied dimensions of their own ideational “straight jacket.”


They might consider disencumbering themselves of the ethnocentric notion that their own religionist views are some sort of universal paradigm shared by all humans.

Such an approach is not only self-righteous, but also xenophobic and ethnocentric in the extreme.:X-No:

:righticon: Their religionist approach -- which is far more Medieval than modern -- harkens back to the Malleus Maleficarum :

:kuebelboec: lynchmob A centuries-old manual which, no doubt, hordes of semi-literate fundamentalist witch hunters would presently be only too happy to revive.

How strange it is that so many would embrace willingly the intellectual lobotomy which every fundamentalism entails :!:

Religionist fundamentalism is the antithesis of all that which is urbane and cosmopolitan and sophisticated.

Fundamentalism -- which may be seen by certain reactionaries as an “antidote” to modernity and progress and societal change -- is actually a “poison pill” inflicted upon (and sometimes swallowed thoughtlessly by) those who are incapable of coping with the realities of the 21st Century world.

In effect, every religionist fundamentalism is the “Ghost Dance” of a traumatized society.

Religionists -- who have never been prone to learn from experience -- seem blissfully unaware that in a massive and bloody field test during the late 19th Century, the original “Ghost Shirts” failed quite miserably when confronted by the empirical realities of life and death in the real world.

Fundamentalism cannot cope with the existential demands of the modern world, . . . precisely because the essence of fundamentalism is the denial of contemporary realities, . . . whether such realities entail sex or science or any or all other things secular.

Like soul-saving crusaders whose verbal swords stand poised to sever so much of humanity from the right to exist upon its own terms, . . . :th_Fight: . . . fundamentalist religionists denounce all that which differs from their own narrowly-defined norms and limited roles.

In the United States and elsewhere, many still await the return of the man who died but did not die, . . . the man who really was god, . . . and a god who was himself sacrificed to himself for others’ sins toward himself -- all of which propositions would seem to contain a sufficient modicum of the inconsistent and the improbable.

To the mind of the religionist “True Believers,” however, improbabilities and inconsistencies are of no importance.

Such “True Believers” are insulated by multiple layers of ethnocentric smugness and self-righteous blindness.

Religionists are distinguished from scientists by one great fact :

Unlike religionists, scientists realize that they might be wrong, . . . and that after rigorous testing against physical realities, hypotheses are subject to refinement and clarification vis-à-vis the realities of the empirical universe.

In the broad sense of comparative perspectives in cross-national and cross-cultural context, the Mysterium tremendum et fascinosum of religion is a realm from which the fundamentalist “Right Thinker” is ultimately barred, both by the self-imposed limitations of his or her own authoritarian personality, and by the limiting relationships based up the limited roles which his or her fundamentalism imposes.

Fundamentalists of the religionist kind seek NOT comprehension of the self and of the world, . . . but rather group-confirmed (and conformed) fantasies : revelation, “charisma,” god-like projected parents, and the soul.

Philosophically as well as psychologically, the fundamentalist religionists are among those least equipped to deal with the complexities of 21st Century realities.

In terms of day-to-day functionality, the fundamentalist religionist arguments and belief systems are largely limited to variations along TWO (2) major themes :

:righticon: “Let Time’s Arrow Reverse Its Flight;” . . . and . . .

:righticon: “Let Onerous Acuality Be Undone.”

Given the existential impossibility of either theme, I leave fundamentalist religionist rhetoric to those whose mentalities permit them to indulge nonsensical proclivities.

Inasmuch as my own patience is NOT so generous in such matters, requirements of diplomacy wear thin.

Rather quickly, I grow weary of the fundamentalist religionists who shout, Look to Jesus !,” . . . and who do so with the One-Size-Fits-All mentality of a snake oil salesman who is hawking his $20 bottles of some “Miracle Cure” elixir.

:NObanner: The oratory seems always suggestive of a bible-beater yelling up “Revival” at some river-crossing camp meeting of a previous century.

In such contexts, I am told :

They want to save you, dude !!!! Hallllllllllllellllllllujah !!!!!”

Perhaps, in the interests of diplomacy, I could manage a polite (albeit a forced) smile.

But then the next sentence seems to be :

Have you been born AGAIN ?”

To which utterances, I sometimes reply :

No need. My birth was done right the FIRST time.”

Many fundamentalist religionists seem to forget that remedial repetitions are required only in the cases of those for whom the original regimen failed.

Yet in their typically arrogant, strutting self-righteousness, the religious fundamentalists presume that no one can knowingly reject their belief system. Hence, they act upon the assumption that I must be unaware of the “good news” [SIC] regarding their fundamentalist religionist “plan of salvation” [SIC].

Having previously experienced their multiple efforts to inflict their “good news” upon me, . . . I can only regard such things as rather old news.

Like the grating sound of a record stuck in the groove, . . . fundamentalist repetitions of their religionist rhetoric are only abrasive and offensive.

Perhaps the fundamentalist religionists are simply unable to grasp an obvious fact :

Give enough mindless re-runs, even an appealing story line loses its magic; . . . and the captive audience members are then overwhelmed by their desire to escape the presence of their religionist captors / tormentors. :NObanner:

~ Campbell Randt :WhoDares:


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