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Message Subject Angry Homosexual Mob Assaults Peaceful Christians at Chicago ‘Gay Pride’ Parade
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well since they act like animals in the closet, it shouldn't surprise anyone now that they will act like animals in public. You know cause they have all this pride now.

I am not a religious type, just an average joe, it is disgusting, they are mentally ill, and normal people find them and their bullshit "lifestyle" to be sick and deviant.

Not too mention the fact that when they have their parades etc. they never maintain and keep their bedside manners where it belongs. thwak Pathetic!!! How many NORMAL PEOPLE parades do you see people going topless, walking their mates on leashes like a dog etc? You have to be careful where you go now or you are stuck explaining to your children why some estrogen based hormonally fucked up hairy breasted halfman freak of nature has tits and is topless in front of everyone. It is only at these fag fests that you see that kinda decadent crap. What a pathetic disgraceful lot. You can't even take your kid into the parks anymore because of these fags shitpounding each other in the bushes at night. You never know what they will find. Drugs and stuff like that is being found out there let alone all of their other nasty stuff. Decadent Bastards! Here's to ya freaks>>>abomb
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