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Message Subject Angry Homosexual Mob Assaults Peaceful Christians at Chicago ‘Gay Pride’ Parade
Poster Handle Campbell Randt
Post Content
abombThe thing I find amazing is that you are condemning people, saying they are stirring up violence etc for exercising the same rights, in the same way that the gay and lesbian community did.

Now that the gay and lesbian community has gotten rights, they now seek to take everyone else's rights away. How ironic???abomb
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 231946



Here's the difference :

The Christian religionists -- as described in the Original Post with which this thread began -- are attempting to invalidate the existence and the self-concept of the marchers. In essence, the religionists are pushing Jesus as a "CURE" [SIC] for the life styles and the sexual orientations of the marchers.

On the other hand, the marchers are NOT attempting to force feed religion to their Christian religionist antagonists. NOR are the marchers attempting to alter the sexual orientations of the religionists.

Although I’m NOT gay, . . . and although all my own fornicating is done exclusively with members of the opposite sex, . . . I still find the Christian religionists’ behaviours to be highly offensive.

Most offensive of all is the religionists’ typically arrogant, strutting, holier-than-thou self-righteousness.

~ Campbell Randt :WhoDares:

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