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Message Subject Chinese Secret Society - of 6 million - Challenges Illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I thought the same, allot of spelling mistakes also makes me turn my head some.

Sounds good, but when the poor guy blames the Christian Fundamentalists and MIC for 911, just how credible do you think is the rest of his research is?scratching
No mention of the Terrorist State Of Israel, dancing israelis, 'pull-it' silverstein, mossad, etc...

>9-11 Hoax Terror is a 409-page book written based on a substantial amount of research. Fulford theorizes here that 9-11 was a hoax PLOTTED BY the military-industrial complex and Christian fundamentalists in the U.S. According to the author, the American conspiracy can be traced back as far as to 1898 when America launched an attack on the Spanish colonies in Latin America on the pretext of the sinking of the battleship USS Maine, which later proved a fake as late as in 1975.<
(scroll down for article)
[link to www.tokyofreepress.com]
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