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Message Subject Chinese Secret Society - of 6 million - Challenges Illuminati
Poster Handle Khain
Post Content
This is tremendous and wonderful news. just to hear it.
There is hope yet. World stand up !
Americans should start their own anti illuminati secret societies.

6 million members is real power and 100,000 professional assasins + 1.8 million gangsters. Can't wait till we hear of the direct ASSASINATIONS. pot shot these murderers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 87027

Target Order:

1. World Millitaries on standstill.
2. World Intelligence services on 'aligned'.
3. Global economic and financial seizure of control

Step 3 would probably involve the most bloodhsed. Steps 1 and 2 have already been completed, pretty much. Yours is the third step, Red and Green. Don't be slow now (you've done too much of slow already, don't have much of it left)...

Normal people, they didn't notice steps 1 and 2 really, did they? And they won't notice step 3 either, for a long while, until we start doing the 'pushing out' after the 'pulling in' is completed.

War is waged in the shadows, as it is said.

Step 4 is political, step 5 is medical. I stop there, contact Tibet for step 6.

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