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Message Subject Iraq invasion to steal alien artifacts/technology
Poster Handle Caretaker
Post Content
The annunaki were predicted to return in 2003, and return to Iraq. Did the US military know this as well thus an invasion of Iraq to welcome them in 2002, or if needed, fight them?

The annunaki didn't return so then why are our troops still there? To protect us from a middle eastern street gang called al queda? I doubt it. My guess would be the time frame is off.

If one annunaki year equals 3600 earth years they could simply postpone their visit by a couple of months and that would end up being a few centuries on earth. Have you ever postponed something for a few months? I have.

Lets take up the debate as to whether the US is there to welcome them or fight them. I'd say strong evidence points to welcoming them. The reason being the US did to the Iraqi people exactly as the annunaki did to the ancient peoples, enslaved them. Wrote new laws for which they would live by. Watched over them as they selected leaders.

Here we are in 2010 with still over a half million troops in Iraq. Will the annunaki arrive in time to end it all in 2012?

Let's live on and see.
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