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Message Subject NEW AGE RUBBISH!
Poster Handle -Ajax-
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Oh I see, so if we all meditate and pray for peace and love, then the world will change?

Has'nt real christians been doing this for centuries by the millions? This 'grid' deal reeks of NEW AGE RUBBISH, yet another stupid attempt by the Satanic forces to brainwash the gullible into believing that there is hope without a savior. Pray on! The biblical plan laid out does'nt lie.
 Quoting: Banishment 264425

Well Op....the world is always changing.
you don't plant a seed and then scream at it the next day for not turning into a rose, do you....
these things take time to unfold & grow.
no right or wrong in any of it, as I see...
yes, haven't christians & new ager (nothing new about it) been doing it for centuries, by the millions?
I think there is so much expecation on what 'peace' is supposed to look like. Do you know, just for you? (besides what you were told by another or a book)

ha...I find it funny that a meditation on peace could somehow be taken as satanic? What the hell does that mean?
No peace, let's just live in fear, cuz fear and judgment are the norm.
As for the whole fire the grid thing...I'll take the christian AND new age (What I mean with New age is- Know thy self) approach and just say....
"peace be with you"

sorry for being so satanic dude.
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