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Message Subject NEW AGE RUBBISH!
Poster Handle * last sign of life
Post Content
change is gonna come ...that is the bottom line and all parts involved in it (for whatever motivation) are part of how it was suppose to happen anyway. God is in charge of all things. When i say God i refer to God in the total definition of the word. ....God is an extremely large definition but in all irony it is also the smallest....Can be broken down to one word ....LOVE.....But if you were to stretch the definition of God out as far as it could be then it would go on forever. IT is a LARGE definition. As love is large. So God is a paradox and an irony and a contradiction and more real than all the ground in the world. Because the ground is part of it. All of this existence is part of God. A part and apart. Contradiction and irony and very real.

change is coming folks. As the numbers of human beings finally seeing how things are put together grows then change shall grow....SIGNS IN HEAVENS AND EARTH ...LOOK FOR THEM !!!!!!!!!! ALL THINGS WORK IN UNISON !!!!!!!
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