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Message Subject There is no such thing as free energy, every bit of energy belong to someone.
Poster Handle Viktor Bychenok
Post Content
Paper money is a debt obligation written by a stranger. This stranger has alot of power and it is really strange. The stranger convinced the society that these debt obligations hold great value which is very strange. Our society is very strange. Do I need debt obligations written by a stranger? If I say yes it will be very strange.

Do I need gold? Why would I need gold? What is better gold or wood? I can make a house out of wood but can I make a house out of gold? If I lived near a golden forest I would probably use gold to make a house. Untill I find a golden forest I will stick with wood. Let's return to the original question do I need gold? Can I eat gold?

Helping people is good. But how can I help people if they don't ask me for help? There are many problems in the world. Did I create them? Why should I try solving your problem and alter the natural course of events? The one who created the problem will eventually solve it. Why should I deny you the chance to solve your own problem? Do I have a problem? After writing this article I don't have any problems!
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