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Poster Handle RWH
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what would be cool is if some domestic insurgency was hell bent on destroying the us government, stole nukes from soviet perplakistan and planted them in 20 us cities via white cargo vans! Low and behold, the main perp was the head or a very high up at the department of homeland security!!!!!

You must be Robert Hawkins.

And you must be an idiot.
The person you named would oppose any such invading force and stand against it.
This could be precieved as a threat to shut up and an attempt to vilify a particular individual.It is also aviolation of that persons privacy and an endangerment to his life.
His post was removed. It was the one that defined insurgency and terrorism.

It is hardly correct or logicaly reasonable to view an individual who always has supported a return to constitutional rule of law in a given country an insurgent force, a person who has always advocated justice and the rule of law being applied to everyone and not violence of any kind. That is Robert Hawkins, that's who he really is. Ron Paul represents him in congress. He can't think of anyone else who does.

Often criminal conspirators often protray a desire for justice and a expresion of such desire as a threat to society, like you seem to be emplying Robert Hawkins is with your post. There are alot of people who do not know who IDW is that would like to see him dead.
What you have done here is violate a decent mans privacy for the purposes of intimidation. It will not work. Some things are worth putting ones life on the line for, and justice is one of them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 272743

I would never make a comment even sounding rmotely like the post that was hung around my neck like a stinking albatross. It ain't my style, boys!
The fact is, the person (myself)named has always warned his readers not to fall into the trap that was set for them, and to oppose the zionist controlled federal government with force. I welcome any questions on my political agenda, which is simply a return to rule of law and to Constitutional government. Rememebr, it is the Constitution that defines the ligitamet government in the United states. That's what I learned.

I have always maintained that thats what they want us to do, to justify a crackdown with violence, and I am against ANY form of violence excepting self defence, when ones life is in imminent danger. I have also urged my readers NOT to engage in such acts of violence against the government, and I see ALL who do as empowering the enemy whether that is thier intent or not. I also strongly feel that IS thier intent!
In short, I personally feel such acts would be futile and self defeating to the agenda of justice and a return to constitutional rule of law in the Unites States. I personally believe this leaked memo is a fabrication, for two reasons. 1) because the military can't possibly see the majority of people in thier own country who oppose the current administration and its agenda as an "insurgency", and 2)If it were a classified document it wouldn't still be posted.
I have always maintained that I believe the primary obejective of 911 was to terrorize tha American people into accepting a degredation of individual rights, and to empower a specific political agenda. I believe the ones behid it intended us to blame it on the current administration, which is only a link in a chain of abuses. I beleive 911 was intended to be discovered for what it is, so the American people would rise up in violent civil unrest. I personally applaud thier self control in not doing so. Most have continued to learn and teach what they have learned, exposing the truth. Most of us know civil unrest is being provked, and simply refuse to fall into that trap.
The TRUTH is more deadly to this agenda than any weapon. That's why they consider the purveyors of truth the enemy, obviously. They have known my name since I made my first post, so threatening me like this is a useless gesture on your part. I have never hidden my name through proxies, I use a standard ISP with a dial up connection, If you want to talk to me, you know where I am. Otherwise, stop publishing my name in a forum frequented by zionists with links to real terrorists!
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