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Subject The United States Finds Few Non-Iraqis Among Insurgents
Poster Handle osama bin missin
Post Content
All the stuff Bush says about Iranians and Saudis and Syrians and whoever the fuck else is supposed to be taking over Iraq is pretty much all bullshit.

The United States Finds Few Non-Iraqis Among Insurgents
By Anna Mulrine

Posted 7/24/07
US News and World Report

As President Bush continues to stress al Qaeda as the chief threat to Iraq's stability—a reprised effort to establish a link between al Qaeda in Iraq and the 9/11 attackers—U.S. military forces on the ground in Iraq are fighting a complex war in regions with vast networks of overlapping loyalties—and few foreign fighters. Most members of al Qaeda in Iraq, say commanders on the ground, are local Iraqi outcasts.

"I can count them [foreign fighters] as a total I have engaged, dead or alive, in the 10 months I've been here on one hand," says Col. David Sutherland, the U.S. commander of coalition forces in the hotly contested area of Diyala province, an insurgent stronghold region some 35 miles northeast of Baghdad. There, Sutherland says, those involved in al Qaeda are largely dispossessed locals, not jihadists who have come from elsewhere. "The recruiting program is [that] al Qaeda may send five or eight individuals into a village. They recruit from those who have no power base, no place in society," including, he adds, former male prostitutes and the mentally ill.

more: [link to www.usnews.com]
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