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- "If the brain is processing four hundred million bits of information, and our awareness is only on 2,000, that means reality's happening in the brain all the time...it's receiving the information, and yet we haven't integrated it."

- "The eyes are like the lense, but the tape that's really seeing is the back of the brain. It's called the visual cortex...it's like this camera and it's tape. Did you know that the brain imprints what it has the ability to see? This is important. For example, this camera is seeing alot more around me than what is here because it has no objection and no judgement. The only movie that's playing in the brain is what we have the ability to see. So is it possible that our eyes are cameras seeing more than what our brain has the ability to consciously project?"

- "Well the way our brain is wired up, we see what we believe is possible...and we match patterns that already exist within ourselves through conditioning; so there's a wonderful story which I believe is true, is that when the Indians...the native American Indians on the Carribean Islands saw Columbus's ships approaching, they couldn't see them at all...because it was so...unlike anything they'd ever seen before, and they couldn't see it."

- "When Colubus's armada landed in the Carribean, none of the native Indians were able to see the ships, even though the existed on the horizon. The reason that they never saw the ships was because they had no knowledge in their brains or no experience that clipper ships existed. So the Shaman starts to notice that there's ripples out in the ocean, but he sees no ships...but he starts to wonder what's causing the effect. So everyday he goes out and looks and looks and looks and after a period of time he's able to see the ships. And once he sees the ships, he tells everybody else that ships exist out there, and because every trusts him and believes in him, they saw the also."

- "We always percieve something AFTER reflection in the mirror of memory."

[link to www.youtube.com]
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