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Message Subject Let's talk about Ascension I want to Ascend really fast! What should I do?
Poster Handle edgar celadus
Post Content
There is no such thing as an astral plane.

Through self purification you get to a point where you break the wheel of karma and cycle of rebirth.

You move onto another plane of existence that the ancients called a different world and Jesus called the Kingdom of God.

Remote viewing does not take a lifetime to master, it takes a pure soul. It is only pure souls that have no spiritual aspirations, they are humble in spirit, so they are truly blessed beyond measure.

 Quoting: Lotus Feet

You are too sure of yourself and obviously trapped in your own simplistic "black and white" state of mind regarding the various dimensions that exist beyond physicality. If your vibrations were powerful enough you would realize that. You are just another low-density person that is programmed to a stimulus response like many other religious zealots.

The words "Kingdom of God", "Rebirth" and "Jesus Christ" have no association whatsoever with what exists in this universe. In fact, those words don't define anything. They are merely interpretations that are translated downwards from an infinite consciousness. Its earth-bound logic that means nothing.

The fact that you believe people need to be 'truly blessed beyond measure', proves that you are discriminating against the structure of the universe itself and all the characteristics of the inhabitants on this planet. Whether someone is possessed with a negative mindset or not, they are still engineered from the creator itself.
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