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Message Subject Let's talk about Ascension I want to Ascend really fast! What should I do?
Poster Handle FightingSpirit
Post Content
Descend to where?

Are we going back to being in the ocean?
 Quoting: kalamity kool


And while the DARK SIDE of our consciousness rises up and out of the water..On to the surface of the earth...
Machines and water do not mix..

We go DOWN in to the water and UNDERGROUND...
And the LIGHT SIDE of our consciousness goes to SLEEP...In the DROWNED WORLD..

If anyone watched the Animatrix...They will see that during the WAR(That still goes on today) between Machines and Humans in the past...That we threw them in to the water/sea...

This the KLIPHA of the sea NOW...And it is summoned to RISE UP AGAIN and cover the LIGHT...

AWAKENING the DARK SIDE of the consciousness..AWAKENING the past that should SLEEP..

EVIL does not die..It SLEEPS...

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