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Message Subject Let's talk about Ascension I want to Ascend really fast! What should I do?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You all have been conned!!!

"Ascension" or the raising of vibrations will only take you on a merry go round ride, "up" towards some higher planes (astral, etc.) from which one will always descend, in a never ending cycle of "recycles".

The only "permanent exit" is exactly the reverse!!! Only a few truly understood this ancient secret, which has been kept very closely guarded to avoid "freeloaders" (there are shortcuts / cheats like in video games ) and "contaminants" (like the bushes & che(n)rrys, etc.) who may get through using ultra-modern high tech equipment.

Don't believe me?: ancient telepathic communication and remote viewing, which would take a life time to master previously could today be done by anybody using cheap hand phones and digicams, as just two examples. Think about "flying" or even entering into deep meditative states just by listening to the appropriate CDs.

So, what is the true "direction" and target objective?

Anybody care to guess? Think of dolphins and HAARP........
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 276512

So in other words you think the Left Handed Path is the way. Well, I do not agree. The path of Light may take longer, but it is the way to go...to re-unite with our Creator.
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