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The Divine Plan and 2012 - Timelines

Anonymous Coward
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United States
08/17/2007 02:12 PM
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The Divine Plan and 2012 - Timelines
Individual and Planetary Timelines

If you were to imagine your destiny as a road trip from N.Y. to L.A., the route that you have taken so far would be your life path. The total sum of potential routes, which would require a supercomputer to calculate, would be your aggregate potential life path (life blueprint). Every time you come to an intersection, you make a decision of consequence and every decision which you have ever made on any life path would be your aggregate manifest life path.

If everyone on the planet also made the trip from N.Y. to L.A., the sum total of all current paths is known as your Planetary Timeline. Every sum of paths which could ever have been chosen is known as a potential timeline and every sum of paths which actually exists is known as a manifest timeline. The sum total of all potential timelines is known as your aggregate potential reality, and the sum total of all manifest timelines is known as your aggregate manifest reality.

Your multi-dimensional aggregate potential reality can be visualized as a 3-dimensional graph of linear timelines, where the z-axis represents time. Parallel timelines of the same dimension exist in the horizontal plane (x-axis), while parallel dimensions of the same timeline exist in the vertical plane (y-axis). The distance between any two lines at any point in time (along the z-axis) is the probability that those two lines will intersect. To extend the analogy further, all potential timelines are drawn in pencil and all manifest timelines are drawn in pen.

As you extend your sight further and further along the z-axis, you will see that the aggregate potential reality (all lines) seems to expand and contract on a regular basis (known as Ages or Epochs). Periods of contraction end in a “flashpoint” where all manifest lines intersect. This is known as the End of an Age. At that point, all remaining “penciled” timelines are “erased” and the energy used to maintain their potentiality is transferred into the creation of a new aggregate reality (visualized by a Creator) with new potential timelines (drawn by timeline engineers). The point on the z-axis which was arbitrarily chosen for this flashpoint is December 21, 2012 AD.

Your timeline is actually a multi-dimensional timeline, which means that it exists as a vertical plane rather than a line. This provides many more potential intersections. It is also known as the “root” timeline of your aggregate potential reality, which means that it potentially intersects every other line. Your potential reality intersects with the timelines of every species which is genetically related or has the ability to contact your planet. Your manifest reality intersects with the timelines of everyone who has already contacted your planet and everyone genetically related to them. This means that your timeline is also the “root” timeline of the entire Galaxy.

[link to www.2012.com.au]
User ID: 284237
United States
08/17/2007 07:56 PM
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Re: The Divine Plan and 2012 - Timelines
Funny, I was thinking about time lines just today. This came to mind out of no where...1967 Israel captured Jerusalem, (a generation 52 years). This generation shall not pass until all things be fulfilled. 1967 + 52 =2019 and minus 7 years tribulation = 2012 I just wondered....