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illuminati is not from god nor did they make him. god says all your secrets will be shouted from the rooftops. can you imagine the illuminati doing that lol.yes there is a god yes he is real do u realy think the seas the land the trees grass the animals the birds even us just appered from nowere? we was created by god we dont come from fish or monkeys? well where are the fish or monkeys that are evolving now? the devil is here to take our souls rhianna jayz the music film industry everywere theres money. yes there from the devil they are put in front of us so we will worship them as idols. the catholic church full of pedofiles gangsters even prostitutes but its covered up because the illuminati masons were and are buisness men craft buisness men and they come in to something that jesus said my house shal be a place of worship they made it a den of thieves. when i read about the church in the new testament they didnt have stateley buildings they didnt have paid evangelists they couldnt get on tv and beg but il tell you what they did do they turned the world upside down! and yes jesus is the only 0ne who can save us because man will always fall to the greed the lust the want that the devil can & will give us for our souls.
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