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Poster Handle WarriorFromAbove
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Take into consideration that when you goy that are aware of the illuminati dilute yourselves by putting your faith in god to save the day....

alot of posts say believe in god, he will destroy the NWO... dont you know the illuminati created god and the whole concept of an invisible god; jesus and so forth.....

They laugh at you all because they know that even with your knowledge of the illuminati you STILL fall back on a lie they created and you believe so stongly in this god they created for you....

 Quoting: DOCTO GENIUS 288506

If King James revised the Bible in 1611 from the Hebrew or Jewish prophets & the Illuminati was created in 1776,how then can the Illuminati create God & Jesus?

If scientist have always been into scientology & have denied Jesus & God,how then have scientist prove that the Shroud of Turin is real & has been authenticated & the existence of Jesus?

Sorry my friend but God,Jesus & the history of them has been passed down just like any other person in history!

Would you say that Adolph Hitler didn't exist?
Were you born then?

Would you say that the Civil War didn't happen?
Were you born then?

Would you say that the 4 fathers didn't write & sign the Declaration,the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights?
Were you born then?

Do you believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America before the Native American Indians?
Were you born then?

Do you believe that the Vikings were real people?
Were you born then?

Do you believe that Muhammed wrote the Qaran in 587?
Were you born then?

If you believe all of these questions that I posed to you that have been handed & passed down through historical documents.
Well then all you got to do is go back 557 years before the last question & know that Jesus was a real human being & that He was the Son of God!
If then,He was the Son of God,then God is real & does exist!

Did not God give man the Breath of Life,which is AIR?

You can't SEE it!
You can't HEAR it!
You can't FEEL it!
You can't TOUCH it but you know AIR is there & without it,you wouldn't be alive or breathing!
Same as with God!
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