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Duality For The Serious Lightworker

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 266467
United Kingdom
08/28/2007 01:48 AM
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Duality For The Serious Lightworker
Duality For The Serious Lightworker

I apologize for the title, i just ment for the ones who are really serious about their work......

Before i start, i want to talk about something that may sound hypocritical, it may be, but its not my intention..

i just want to make something clear, as it follows the theme of this thread.....

It takes 1half of 1% to create a new world...now do me a favor, and count the amount of supposed 'light workers'. you've come across, count the amount of channellers, the spiritualist, the preachers, the 'truth seekers'' you see around you...

out of every 200 people you see, only 1 of them would be honest.....

now if you were to take a bum off the street, who was never a lightworker, and make him multidimensional, and have him realize his true divinity, he would work wonders for the planet...so in that sense, i will say this message is for everyone.....

BUT, there are some, who dont have the same passion as others, some are happy 'pretending' to know, then you have others, that wont settle for anything less...

I have seen so many books, that dont really understand the matters they are dealing with, ive seen so many people that think they've 'got it'', if this were true, the planet would have awakened already......

you can play that game if you want, playing that game is often part of the process for many people, its up to you how honest you wish to be with yourself.....

I just want to deal with Duality for now....not because its the 'truth' or that its the only way to the promise land or any of that other rubbish...

just because, if your serious, its probably on your mind, and its quite a tricky one, one that i will hold my hand up and say i HAVE NOT overcome...

i do however want to shed alittle light on the concept of it....

Duality, is the dual nature, of the human being, its a filter that your consciousness flows through....

yes its to do with good and bad, in a sense, but thats not really what its about, those are the 2 motivating forces behind the duality...

duality is more a mechanism., that governs your thought process, its not a new thought construct for you to adapt...

its not about saying, everything happens for a reason, therefore there is no good and bad, that way of viewing things should come as a result of non dualistic thinking, its not what will create a separation from duality..........

Duality, is conflict, its drama, its opposition, its creating an enemy, its effort, its resistance

one part of you says, 'we will make it we will succeed, the other half says, 'what if i dont'', one part says ''i am good enough'' the other half says ''i am no good''.....one part of you shouts, the other part comes back and says sorry...this is constant conflict, i WANT this to happen but i DONT want this to happen...

Your mind is never at peace....

even 'positive' thinking, and being positive, is still a conflict, because what are you resisting? your resisting the negative, positive thinking is a product of 'conflict', you are still motivated by fear, even in your courage....

if you are trying to be positive, you are trying to resist negativity....

success, in the terms we think of it, is built on fear, what is successful? and why do you wish to become it? success is nothing but the avoidance of failure, people nowdays dont follow their passion and end up becoming successful as a result of it, instead they set out to achieve success, what they are really doing is setting out to avoid failure, because they fear it...success is built upon fear....

When you create a positive, you create a negative...this is duality...

if you say, i will be happy when i have a new car, you create the possibility for you to be unhappy, if you dont gain that car....
that is how the typical man lives, in resistance, in constant duality...

if you here a light worker say ''bless those that know the truth, the light will win'', i say to you what truth? and what battle?

the quickest way to get rid of war is to create peace, and in true peace there is no war, so who is there to battle? that is overcoming duality....

are you on a spiritual journey?

are you 'trying' to become multidimensional? well why are you trying so hard? because you fear NOT becoming multi-dimensional, so i say to you, dont fear and dont try so hard...... if you have nowhere to be, you can stop running away from where you are, now that would be non dualistic....

Now, if you take away fear, you take away duality, because without fear there is no opposite, BUT, fear sounds like a fearful thing lol, and our definition of fear, is not a true representation of duality...a MUCH better word, would be resistance...without resistance there cant be conflict, without conflict there cant be duality...

so instead of getting scared and saying ''oh no im scared but i shouldnt be scared because im not supposed to be therefore im failing my mission'' - thats a clear representation of dualitic thinking...

you can say ''I AM scared, but i wont resist being scared because I AM, instead its OK, that i am scared, and i ALLOW myself to be scared'' - you see, now instead of having resistance to being scared, instead of creating resistance which creates opposites, you create ACCEPTANCE, which transforms resistance instead of opposing it..

if there is any unhappiness, its because you created resistance....your life may be falling apart, and your trying to resist it your saying 'NO this cant happen, that cant happen, this shouldnt happen'' once you say its all ALLOWED then you are really in control....

the best way to find out what duality is, is to observe it within you, dont judge it just observe it, when you become fearful, look at it, see the way it works, when you want something and dont get it, take a look at it, you dont need a book to tell you whats inside you, aslong as you know what to look for.....

the way most people have set duality up, it will have you resisting fear, not overcoming duality, and trust me, resisting is HARD, letting go no matter what might be happening, thats easy....it allows you to have some peace...

be gentle with yourself, ALWAYS put YOURSELF first, that is NOT ego, thats health lol.......

i want to make one thing clear,

its so easy to misinterpret something someone says, thats why you should always go with what feels best for you, if you dont know what something means, or even if you think theres some truth to the thread, but dont quite understand it, then dont try too hard to get it, not if it doesnt feel comfortable...if you really wish to understand it, it will come when your ready, thats a promise....

anyway, something i want to clear up.....

Allowance, doesnt mean you suddenly have to LOVE everything, you can still have likes and dislikes, instead of loves and hates, you can have preferences...

you may like, a new car, but if you dont get one, it will still be OK, there wont be any emotional attachment to the opposite of your desire...

this way your inner state comes first, ahead of the physical things, instead of being trapped within matter and thought forms, having them push you about...you stay in control...you stay grounded and in your joy regardless....
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 247321
08/28/2007 01:53 AM
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Re: Duality For The Serious Lightworker
Sounds about right
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 266467
United Kingdom
08/28/2007 02:48 AM
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Re: Duality For The Serious Lightworker
forgive the spelling mistakes i didnt bother to spell check...
Lit it be
User ID: 289242
United States
08/28/2007 03:18 AM
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Re: Duality For The Serious Lightworker
If you only knew how bad I needed to hear that right now!


This accession stuff is tuff.

What is Accension?
If we use a metaphor to describe spiritual reality wherein "up" represents wholeness, or closeness to God, and "down" represents fragmentation, or separation from God, we can then speak of the return to Unity consciousness as "Ascension." As we ascend, we are climbing the metaphorical staircase towards wholeness. The return is an illusion of course, since the original departure was like a dream. The idea is to work within the dream constructively to get yourself to a level where you can awaken from it and realize you were always fully embraced as part of the whole.

I just found this also.

Me and my sister are having a ruff time with duality.
Thanks for the help
User ID: 164412
United States
08/28/2007 03:51 AM
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Re: Duality For The Serious Lightworker
My 2 cents worth on this topic...

We are fated to both succeed and fail at the same time. We are all fated to see the sun rise and see the sun set as well. It is all really a matter of the direction we are facing at any given moment.

The only way to "awaken" your sleeping soul is to accept the fact we are both angels and devils at the same instant, both paths are likely but one or the other will have more of a "pull". Hence, intent is the true decider of light vs. dark.

The eternal internal struggle between the poles is the true limiter, the internal decision to refuse to be the darkness is in fact limiting the light by casting so much focus on not being the darkness. One is wasting energy and time on this struggle to not be the darkness or in other cases as it were, in not being the light. It is time for acceptance. It is time to stop focusing on not being the darkness. It is time to cast the fears aside, allow the darkness to surround you as you hold the candle of hope aloft, allow it to catch it's breath and blaze with such brilliance it casts the darkness to the side and out of your reach. It is time to stop trying to protect the flame by holding it too close, this is only suffocating it and preventing it from growing.

In the darkest of nights, even the dimmest of candles will shine with such brilliance that even those lost in the darkness will be able to find their way home. It is time to light the way for others.

It is time.

Adamic Seed

User ID: 120826
08/28/2007 04:09 AM
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Re: Duality For The Serious Lightworker
...It is all really a matter of the direction we are facing at any given moment.
 Quoting: MD 164412

Dorothy, face any direction you want and click your heals three times.

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy which seeks only to describe the qualities of things.

Light and dark, is a perfect nature metaphore for our daily moods at play.

Ah aint never gettin' saved!
No real Jesus would stop the planets relentless nightly decent into darkness.

enjoy the bloody moon.

User ID: 289665
08/28/2007 07:05 AM
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Re: Duality For The Serious Lightworker
GREAT thoughts, AC...thank you very much!

"Aether is a Quantum 2 Spin Rotating Magnetic Field that encapsulates Primary Angular Momentum and via Tensegrity forms Matter with resulting Quantum 1/2 spin.

"PHI is the direct result and first Ratio produced by this arrangement as it Cycles." Junglelord, www.thunderbolts.info
Here comes the Golden Age.

"Thought being a given is the first assertion of self-awareness; the remaining truth is simply "I am, therefore there is". Self and other, subject and object." Eyeam

"Remember me as I AM." My Brother