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Trying to think thru GOLD

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 196275
United States
09/04/2007 12:08 PM
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Trying to think thru GOLD
I've read all the +/- of GOLD values and I understand the arguments of gold bulls/bears and survivalists for the most part.

However, I wonder if there are other more bizarre explanations for what is going on in the gold market. For example, if there had been a way found to synthesize gold in the LABORATORY...it would be likely that those possessing the technology would attempt to STIMULATE gold demand so they could flood the market before the discovery was made.

That has the same effect as SOAKING UP federal reserve bills and taking them out of circulation.

i think the RUSSIANS came up with a way to make diamonds in the lab that are identical to mined diamonds.

It appears that the jews stuck the chinese with a bunch of AAA rated paper (junk) and the chinese are pissed. But the larger lesson here is not to undersell the jews. What do they have up their sleeves with PM?