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a new twist on the question "Which states get nuked?"

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United States
09/14/2007 05:59 AM
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a new twist on the question "Which states get nuked?"
Okay, we estimate which states will get nuked in a terror attack on the assumption that it will be arab terrorists nuking the maximum number of jews, BUT if it's another set-up by israel just like 911 was, you have to assume they will nuke GENTILE populations with minimal jew population, instead of the metropolitan areas that the govt dupes are focusing their protection on.

SO... any guesses? And has anybody from a predominantly Gentile city of whatever color/race noticed jews suddenly moving away, all at once, as if on cue???

Will they sacrifice Blacks now that they pin their hopes on Latrine-o's??

I know jews despise Mormons, so Utah would be an area of concern