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Warning to the Minister of Defence for Israel Ehud Barak

Scribe to the Prophet Elijah
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User ID: 277375
09/18/2007 10:50 AM
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Warning to the Minister of Defence for Israel Ehud Barak
This was sent by registered mail today.

16 September 2007

To Ehud Barak,

The Almighty Elohim had called the chosen people in the wilderness of Moses' time as stiffnecked people, for they kept rebelling against His Commandments. So we see what happened to these so-called stiffnecked people. Out of almost a million of them, only two persons were left alive to cross the Jordan River with the young of the next generation to enter their Promised Land Almighty Elohim had given them through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob through a promise through His covenant to them. They were never to give any of this land to any other people according to His Covenant as written in Exodus 23:32 and Deuteronomy 7:2.

So today we again have a stiff-necked people willing to break His Covenant with their Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to appease godless men of this U.N. and E.C., the Vatican Pope of Rome, and the New World Order.

I had given Yitzak Rabin a warning message given to me from the Almighty Elohim that "He must stop this damnable Oslo Accord, or if he refuses to do so, I will allow him to be removed from office and he shall see no abundant rain this year." Thus saith the Almighty Elohim.

Well, Ehud Barak, you heard what happened over his disobedience to Almighty Elohim's command of him. Well, there was no abundant rain to fall during the time of the next three leaders of Israel.

When Ariel Sharon was in office he got mixed up with this damnable Land for Peace agreement that President George Bush was trying to force him to join to, in the giving of My Promised Land to Israel alone to these Islamic Ishmaelites who claim they're Palestinian people of which they are not.

Ehud Barak, I was given to warn Ariel Sharon as I did Yitzak Rabin, but Ariel Sharon also refused to obey Almighty Elohim's commands of him, so he was also allowed to be removed from the office of Prime Minister, but he is not allowed to die until he sees multitudes of Israelite people to die before His eyes, with his ears opened to hear their screams before his eyes close. The Almighty Elohim holds life or death in His Hands alone.

Now we have the next traitor of Israel ready to give Almighty Elohim's Promised Land to these evil Islamic Ishmaelites. Well, Olmert is setting himself for a judgement from the Almighty Elohim soon.

Ehud Barak, you left your place as Prime Minister of Israel alive, but I cannot tell you if the same thing will happen to Olmert, or whether he is given to fall to the ground also.

All these people in the government of the Israeli Knesset are bringing a curse upon this land of Israel and its people if they do not stop this land giveaway going on, soon.

The main problem is all of this government is made up of mostly secular Jews, while these religious people in the Knesset are bribe-takers joined together in rebellion against Almighty Elohim's commands to not give any of His Promised Land away.

So a curse is befalling Israel because of its rebellion. So multitudes of Jews will die when Ariel Sharon sees the fulfillment of the message I gave to him while Prime Minister that he stop this land giveaway, or Almighty Elohim would remove him from office, for this land which is Israel's Promised Land does not belong to this government of the Knesset. It belongs to the Almighty Elohim alone.

So you, Ehud Barak, will either be with the people to stop this land giveaway, or, face the greatest destruction of Jewish people ever seen in Israel, soon, and their blood will be upon your hands and all those who do not stop this Promised Land giveaway.

Almighty Elohim's Servant prophet,

Eliyahu the Tishbite

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Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 277375
09/19/2007 01:13 AM
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Re: Warning to the Minister of Defence for Israel Ehud Barak