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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Ok, I CAN'T believe I'm saying this but, I can't disprove the authenticity of this video. There IS in fact a "Tacoma County" so for those who say there aren't are in correct ( [link to www.newbornpix.com] OR ( [link to www.google.com]

(Please at the very least, read the last paragraph)!

I work in film (nothing real major but I've done my share), but I have worked with some of the biggest production companies creating SPX, CGI, Photoshop etc... The recorder used in this video makes it extremely hard to create a truly believable photoshop/CGI opportunity. The sound created by the impact is perfect and going through over 100 still images, there's no sign of altering.

HOWEVER - What doesn't add up is when the creature "attacks". It does appear to jump out from behind the rock and not from the crack. Although that's extremely hard to truly tell for sure.

I'm not saying I believe this is a real video, but I am saying that if it's a hoax that it's truly one of the best ever made. There's no changes in the quality of the video, no 'hiccups' of any kind and if you take the time to break it down in to still images, it's truly amazing.

As I'm writing this I just received a call back from a friend who works for Sony, who does miracles with CGI and he was dumbfounded as well. This is either THE best hoax EVER created or it's the real deal.

I'm only about 90 minutes away from Tacoma and will do some further research. Has anyone tried calling the number at the end of the video or searched for the individuals online at all?

I JUST setup an email address for anyone willing to dig further in to this with me. If it's real, then WOW. If it's a hoax then WOW (still). I have created "hoax" UFO & alien videos (actually almost got in BIG trouble for one such video. It actually made the news - oops lol). It's VERY hard to believe something like this would happen, but if you know A LOT about CGI, photoshop AND creating fake videos with a primitive camera as they were using, you'd know that this is an extremely amazing hoax (if it's a hoax).

The email I set up is casetape347@yahoo.com - PLEASE email me with ANY additional still photos you may have taken from the video and/or ANY other info/research you've conducted. This is EXTREMELY important to me, even if it's a hoax and I GREATLY appreciate the help!

You make a lot of claims, my dear. Please establish your credentials before anyone wastes their time responding to you.

I don't need to prove anything to anyone for what I'm asking. I merely stated some facts - IF it's a hoax then it's truly an amazing one! ANYONE who truly knows CGI & photoshop can agree with that. How about you release YOUR personal information on GLP? Is that REALLY fair to ask someone to do? I think not!

I'd just like to look in to this in greater depth, and it sounds like others have still images and some information. What's wrong with getting those who ARE interested in this story (whether they believe it or not) and sharing information to shed some light on it? Tell me - what the hell am I doing wrong by asking that? What wild claims have I made? I know a TON about CGI, photoshop, and special effects - WOW, stop the presses lol. I'm sure there's hundreds of people on GLP who are greatly knowledgeable in those areas. Yes, I have worked in the film industry, but as I said, nothing major.

I just don't see the need to start attacking someone for having an interest in this story. What's wrong with trying to get other who want to know the truth together so we can share all information?
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