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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle MR. E
Post Content
Can we at least agree on one thing? Hoax or not, it's a damn impressive video!

The video I made that almost got me thrown in jail was a classic lol. There's a Christmas tree farm near my home and we created a "creature" chasing my fiancee through the trees (she had the camera, which was a cheap fuji camera that took video as well). We left the camera in the tree farm as we knew people walked through there all the time. The "creature" wasn't overly visible and it turned out that the person who found the camera thought it was a person in disguise and turned it in to the police. Mind you, this was a prank that went horribly wrong. It was meant to be a publicity stunt for a short film we shot that was entered in to a local film festival. We nearly shit when we saw the video on the local news, with a phone number for people to call if they had any information. I immediately called the police and told them the truth but boy they didn't see the humor in it at all lol.

I had to pay a $2500 fine and got 3 months probation lol. It was a rockin' video though lol. I've got some cool photographs with "UFOs" that are pretty damn flawless as well. Fooled a lot of people with those but sure as hell won't be using them for any publicity stunts ever lol. I've got videos of "ghosts" and a "UFO" video that actually give me chills when I see them, even though they are fake lol.

I can't even imagine if this video is a hoax and these people are hiding out. The man hours spent searching for them and all the years that have past, be more than a slap on the wrist like I got.

Thing that REALLY sucks is - I've got an idea for another video that could probably make national or world news but alas, I've learned my lesson. The police just don't find the humor and can't appreciate good wholesome fun lol.
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