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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
again ive looked at the facts and evidence you submitted and for me personally cannot except this as solid proof ,i mean what have you proviced other than a link to a webaddress that like the tacomasherrif link could so easily be fabricated
now we want a read well

live public video confession from the actors themselves
does that need bold caps

then and only then i might share your certainty
im sorry but whats so hard to comprehend
the video leaves more questions than answers

so please find something in real time to prove to me and others here whom share my interest in having a personal live public VIDEO confe4ssion
i mean why sis this so hard?

iam not asking much nor on any high horse
i just want as others do something solid not just a webpage that could for obvious reason be fake and a hoax itself
call me paronoid but this is not acceptable as final closure

one thing is sure the film itself cannot be exposed as fake
by all accounts the evidence outweighs the facts
can you explain why prof cg and fx artist cannot disprove this video conclusively

dont you as a open minded investigater find that fact alone very odd and strange ?

why cant this be discredited by the very footage itself?

like i said get the live feed and them come so dont you so
for now the evidence does not stack up and is very poor to say the least
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