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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle TX.Patriot
Post Content
Researching uncovers the following:

1. The first hit on Tacoma County Sheriff's Department results in a website address is NewBornPix.com (ahhmm), and it only has two web pages (ahmmmm).

Sheriff's Message: [link to www.newbornpix.com]

A page devoted to Jennifer and Scott: [link to www.newbornpix.com]

2. They are supposed to be in Red Rock State Park. +"Red Rock" +"Tacoma County" has zero google results. There isn't a Red Rock park or a name variation of "Red Rock" on the Washington State Park list:
[link to www.parks.wa.gov]

3. The Tacoma county sheriff's phone number on the fake website is 323-906-2753, which is actually in CA, not WA:

323CA-8 S California: Los Angeles (outside downtown: Hollywood; split from 213)

[link to www.bennetyee.org]

From the comments section under the video:

"MrPighead (1 month ago)

This is "Case Tape 347" mockumentary by Kyle Rankin & Efram Potelle from Newborn Pictures. It's their business card. Have been shown in several sci-fi and fantasy movie festivals since 2005. The so-called sheriff phone number is Mr.Potelle one at Los Angeles,CA. Kyle Rankin(Scott) and Karen Zumsteg(Jennifer) are both alive and still acting in independent features. Please stop being so guillible... "


That's enough for me. Sorry guys...but it certainly was funny.

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