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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Researching uncovers the following:

1. The first hit on Tacoma County Sheriff's Department results in a website address is NewBornPix.com (ahhmm), and it only has two web pages (ahmmmm).

Sheriff's Message: [link to www.newbornpix.com]

A page devoted to Jennifer and Scott: [link to www.newbornpix.com]

2. They are supposed to be in Red Rock State Park. +"Red Rock" +"Tacoma County" has zero google results. There isn't a Red Rock park or a name variation of "Red Rock" on the Washington State Park list:
[link to www.parks.wa.gov]

3. The Tacoma county sheriff's phone number on the fake website is 323-906-2753, which is actually in CA, not WA:

323CA-8 S California: Los Angeles (outside downtown: Hollywood; split from 213)

[link to www.bennetyee.org]

From the comments section under the video:

"MrPighead (1 month ago)

This is "Case Tape 347" mockumentary by Kyle Rankin & Efram Potelle from Newborn Pictures. It's their business card. Have been shown in several sci-fi and fantasy movie festivals since 2005. The so-called sheriff phone number is Mr.Potelle one at Los Angeles,CA. Kyle Rankin(Scott) and Karen Zumsteg(Jennifer) are both alive and still acting in independent features. Please stop being so guillible... "


That's enough for me. Sorry guys...but it certainly was funny.

 Quoting: TX.Patriot 288913

Sorry your evidance does not hold up. Firstly in your phone listing CA IS 313.

Secondly Check out red rock State PArk google it and theres heaps on it, its in Sedona.

As for the sit its quite legitimate, theres nothing to suggest its not,,So your debunking is a failure...sorry for the typos.
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