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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle TX.Patriot
Post Content
Sorry your evidance does not hold up. Firstly in your phone listing CA IS 313.

Secondly Check out red rock State PArk google it and theres heaps on it, its in Sedona.

As for the sit its quite legitimate, theres nothing to suggest its not,,So your debunking is a failure...sorry for the typos.

Brush up on your investigative and research skills, dear:

The claimed incident occurred in "Red Rock State Park" in "Tacoma County". Watch the vid again.

FACT: Tacoma County is in WASHINGTON STATE not CA.


The phone number on the Tacoma County, WA website is 323.906.2753

FACT: Area code 323 is CA not Washington


Sedona, from your Google search, is in Arizona NOT Washington. (Maybe your aren't from the US??!!)

FACT: There is not a Red Rock anything listed in the Washington state park list.

No, your rebuttal is a failure.


 Quoting: TX.Patriot 288913

Correction: In agreement with a previous poster and upon closer investigation, although people in Tacoma sometime refer to a "Tacoma County" (conduct a Google search for results), officially the WA map only indicates Pierce County, which is where the city of Tacoma is located.

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