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Message Subject Missing Hikers..Attacked by Alien..Real case......
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This video is fake. And not even a really good fake. I edit video professionally and there were a few things that gave it away immediately. I will mention everything I can remember....
First thing I noticed is that the "meteor" was traveing way to slow just beore hitting the ground.
The meteor that caused a 1.2km wide (and 500 feet deep)crater in Arizona is estimated by Scientists to have been no more than 80 feet across. The 'object' in this video was around 5 feet accross and should have left a crater the size of Manhatten. There wasn't any at all.
The 'debris sweetener' audio used in the video made the video sound as though, immediately upon impact debris was hitting bushes etc right beside the camera. This poses two problems, if in fact debris was instantaneous, it would have certainly hit both of the people in the video. HOWEVER, given the direction of impact, all of the intial blast debris would have been sent in the direction the object was traveling. The 'debris sweetener' audio falling near the camera wouldn't have happened until approximately 3-5 seconds after the impact as the debris begins to fall back down...shall I continue...hell why not...
I'll agree the alien looked pretty cool for amatuer video effects, the tweening in the motion was poor and too constant in speed from leaving the 'craft' to hitting the dude. However for the 2 or 3 frames it lasted (I only watched the video twice and not is slo-mo) it didn't look too bad.
Lastly, if none of these things gave it away, the way the video ended was just poor direction altogether. Did the little 4 foot beast hit the camera on the ground and the girl at exactly the same time? Or why when it hit the girl does the camera suddenly point at the sky and lift off the ground in exactly the same frame?
As mentioned before it takes about 3 minutes of net research to figure out the obvious problems of geography 'Red Rock State Park' and Jackson County crap.
I actually can't believe that some of you out there would believe this. My wife brought it to me this evening to have a look at. I thought it was pretty funny and damn good amateur editing. I couldn't beleive that it was getting this kind of fanfare...
 Quoting: Dan 326176

As if you needed any of this to see it was a fake. The acting was the only evidence I needed.
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